Here at Cotswold Rods our aim is to provide the best products and service in the rod building industry today.

Our customer service is unrivalled, our craftsmanship unmatched and our ethos unique.

Products we offer

 We build mainly on the vast range of blanks from Harrison and Century, both are UK companies and they produce carbon technology unmatched in the rod building trade.  Their U.K. built and designed ranges contain between them over 160 blanks and their expertise is the best available in the world today.


   A custom rod should be just that, personal, individual and made to fit you. We can source a blank for any application, lightweight fly rods, floodwater barbel rods, 15ft trotting rods, through action carp rods, beach casters, you name it we can source it!!

We can make just about any rod you desire, if you have a thought, dream or idea, we’ll try our hardest to make that reality. There are many great blanks on the market today. Harrison and Century have a vast range of blanks available and all are great rods for the right purpose.

 As a consumer, the carp fisherman has never had so much choice and for most people, it can be a minefield choosing the most important part of their new rod – the blank.  We are quite unique in that we have a test venue where our customers can come and test blanks and make the right choice.  We regard our own range of blanks as the best available on the market today, if they weren’t they wouldn’t carry our logo, as we are perfectionists.

 Our R1s especially are causing a real stir in the market. If you fish a large variety of waters, from the inland seas to the intimate waters where stealth is of the essence, and wish to use only one set of rods, these are for you. Powerful but forgiving and light in weight, they are a joy to use.

Our R1 Light is the ultimate smaller water rod, super light, beautiful to use and as with all our rods, engineered and built to last a lifetime.

  Our XXs are based on the world famous Harrison Torrix, but lightened and refined to Cotswolds specification, for immense progressive power.

The Halcyons have been built to offer ULTIMATE value. Using only the finest materials, designed to look as good as they perform and the ability cast both leads and PVA bags with ease, the Halcyons are destined for great things.

 For more information on the huge Harrison range, please call or email us, or visit the Harrison website at for a small insight into some of the products they sell.

For more information from the Century stable, please visit the Century website at More information can be obtained on our complete blank availability by emailing us on, or giving us a call. 

  As rod builders, we are always searching and striving to bring our customers the best products available and the best possible value for money. With these points in mind, we decided to create our own ranges to cover 99% of the need of carp fisherman today.

Our own ranges

It is incredibly difficult to produce just one rod to suit everyones fishing, therefore we have two options in our own range, The R1s the XXs and the Halcyons.

The R1s are a slighlty faster taper than the XXs, they are soft in the tip of the rod and possess unrivalled recovery rate. The soft tip makes them easy to use, easy to compress and deadly accurate.  Because of their softer tip they are more suited to straight lead fishing as opposed to a large pva bag. The R1s, due to their immense tip speed, are great for fishing at all ranges and help to cast stiffer and thicker lines easier. Coupled with the Minima ringing option, they are some of the lightest rods on the market today. The Halcyons offer the perfect mix of the two and are simply the best value for money available.

The XX range is a slightly slower loading, and derived from a Harrison Torrix. These are immense all rounders and can cover every aspect of carp fishing, from lighter leads to pva bags. They are easy to cast, feel solid in the hand and have bucketfuls of progressive power.


The R1

The ‘’Cotswold R1″ is the result of an intensive co-operation between Cotswold Rods and Harrison Advanced Rods.

 The R1 is 12ft and rated approximately 3.25lb test curve.

 These rods are super light in weight, have a fast, crisp action, incredible recovery rates and a soft tip for excellent fish playing properties.

 The R1 is the perfect big fish/big water rod which can be used from in the margins to long range with confidence. It has been designed with the boilie angler in mind, and is perfect for casting leads up to 40z with pinpoint accuracy.

 The R1 is an effortless caster ,with buckets of power, combined with a soft tip that enables unrivalled recovery speed, usability and enjoyment. The Cotswold R1 is fast becoming THE rod for the big fish angler who wants the ultimate in rod performance.

 The R1 has undergone rigourous testing, and a lot of effort has been put in to make these about as perfect as a performance rod can be.  When a reel is put on they balance out perfectly, not feeling at all tip heavy. The first thing our customers comment on is how light they are, shortly followed by a” wow,thats lovely, I’ll take three!”, straight after a cast!


 The R1s make a great all round rod.   The only area they are NOT good at is casting large PVA bags. Our advice is to come and try them for yourselves.

The price for the R1s is £250.

Included in the price there are the following options:

-non scratch lathe polished matt finish -full duplon handle or -full cork handle or -abbreviated handle -your choice of 40 or 50mm ringing (Kigans or Minimas) Personal touches like engraved butt caps, different ringing, personal writings or a certain colour of trimmings/whippings are still possible at a small extra cost.


The R1 Light

The R1 was such an amazing blank, we just had to make a lightened version to create the ultimate smaller water rod.

Here at Cotswold we believe that rods should be enjoyable to use, and this rod provides angling enjoyment by the bucket load.

We tested the R1 blanks in lighter, refined guises, made a few tweaks to them, and now have what we beleive to be the ultimate in a smaller water rod.

At 12ft and 2.75lb test curve, the R1 Light shares many of the same characteristics of its beefier sibling. Amazing recovery speeds, soft tip and super light in weight.

Although this is our lighter rod in the range, its no slouch either. In testing, our consultants have acheived over 140 yards with a 3oz lead. Here is a small video, in slow motion, of the rod in action.

These rods also make the perfect light lead/heavy line rod. Their unique action is perfect for effortless casting of this type of setup.

When put in an arc this rod bends down into butt, where there is a large reserve of power to tame even the largest fish at close range.  When the weather is a little kinder, we will put up some pictures of the R1 Lite in full fighting curve.

Again, we cant explain everything on webpage, but we do recommend you come down and test these for yourselves.

The R1 Lights are priced at £240

Included in the price there are the following options:

-non scratch lathe polished matt finish -full duplon handle or -full cork handle or -abbreviated handle -your choice of 40 or 50mm ringing (Kigans, Alps or Minimas) Personal touches like engraved butt caps, different ringing, personal writings or a certain colour of trimmings/whippings are still possible at a small extra cost.

Oh and if you are wondering what ‘R1′ stands for, its simply Rod number 1!

The XXs


We approached the team at Harrison with a simple design brief, which was simply to build us the best all round blanks on the market today, culminating in the inception of the XX Range.

The result is stunning and blew us away. Light in the hand, immensely powerful when needed, user friendly, the XX range is all these and so much more!

Available in 12ft 3lb, 12ft 3.25lb and 12’6” 3.5lb.  They look beautiful, they are a joy to use and are a true all round carp rod. The blanks themselves weigh just 180grams,(3.25lb), meaning they feel superb in the hand.  They possess a beatiful progressive action, enabling easy casting even with larger weights and pva bags.

These rods are easy to use, they make accurate fishing at longer range a viable option for anglers who could not previously hit the distance and are also a joy to use in the margins, their forgiving tip means you have no worry about the dreaded hook pulls at the end of the net.

Talking about a rod will do it no justice, so we can only recommend you come and try one for yourselves, but be warned once you have used one, there’s no going back! . Usually finished in a matt, scratch resistant finish, these rods are built to last and represent UK built rods at their best.

Prices start at £230 All custom options available, please contact us for an exact quote


The Halcyon Range

Models available – 12ft 2.75lb, 12ft 3lb and 12ft 3.25lb.

Ultimate performance – ultimate value

The Halcyon range has been designed to offer market leading performance never before seen at this price point. Using our extensive knowledge of todays carp rod market, we have designed a fantastic rod range suitable for almost all UK and European carp fishing situations. We have designed the range to include only the blanks that are really demanded by todays anglers.

The blanks are built for exclusively for us by the experts at Harrison Advanced Rods in Liverpool, using the finest quality carbon fibre materials available. Harrison needs no introduction as the finest fishing rod blank manufacturer in the world today, and this range is testimony to their expertise.

Using our ultimate build knowledge, we have built the range to offer the ultimate mix form, function and performance. The Halcyon range uses only the finest quality components, including Fuji reel seats, Kigan 3D ringing and of course, Cotswold build quality.

The Halcyons possess a dynamic semi fast action, making them soft in the tip but crisp, accurate and responsive in the cast. By using a mix of superb materials, the progression of power through the rod enables full control and involvement at all times. The whole range possesses an incredible power to weight ratio, due to their unique action.

The 2.75 model is light, responsive and deadly accurate. Great fun to use, and can cope with big fish with ease. Due to their crisp action, they cast very well with most popular lead sizes and retain a lovely playing action.

The 3lb model is designed for the big fish angler, wanting the ultimate all round rod. This rod will cast leads up to 3.5oz with ease, hitting distance when needed, also equally at home in marginal hit and hold situations. Light in weight, easy to use and holding plenty of power in reserve, this rod gives the angler ultimate confidence. Probably the ultimate all rounder for the UK angler.

The 12ft 3.25lb model is the heavyweight end of the range. Designed for the angler fishing the larger venue, their semi fast action enables long casting and great line pick up at long range. Although very powerful, they still retain Halcyon feel in the hand and a great progressive fish playing action.

We are offering these rods as a Cotswold standard build, something we have not done before. We have decided to do this to keep the costs down for our customers, providing ultimate value for money. Using our knowledge of performance components, we have built the Halcyon range to the highest specification. Our standard build consists of Fuji DPS reel seats, Kigan 3D ringing, full length slim line duplon handle, stainless steel fittings and exquisite silver thread detailing, make these arguably the best looking standard build rods on the market.

The Halcyons start at £235 per rod

As well as our own range products, we can supply any Harrison or Century rod you desire, built exclusively for you, made to measure and to your ideal specification

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