American Tackle Vortex Air guides

The new super light guides from American Tackle ! High quality Atlas frames with swaged steel liners – no ceramics to crack and the liners will never pop out! Finished with a super tough matt black coating.   Well shaped feet for minimal grinding.   Our recommended sizings for a 50mm set are  50 – … Continue reading American Tackle Vortex Air guides

Winding checks

  Slim collars, ideal for placing in front of cork or duplon grips and trims. Also good for fitting behind 18mm reel seats to step down to the blank or a full shrink handle. 19.5mm outside diameter Available in black (Delrin) and gunsmoke (aluminium) finish.    

American Tackle TiForged Air guides – matt black

American Tackle TiForged Air guides. Snagless frame design — flexible – zero ring loss. Sleek, lightweight and extremely durable. Pairs with our American Tackle  Delta tip guides. Available in the following sizes – 50 – 40 – 30 – 25 – 20 – 16 – 12-10-8mm Carp set 50mm (£39.99) consists of 50-30-25-20-16 – 16 … Continue reading American Tackle TiForged Air guides – matt black

American Tackle Delta tip guides

The tip guides we use on almost all of our carp rod builds, the ideal partner for the TiForged and Vortex Air guides! Matt black, gloss black or gunsmoke finish, with a whip on tag. Nanolight liners for ultimate durability.  

Bullet butt caps

Coned butt caps, for a sleek finish to all handle styles. Head sizes Small – 16mm Med – 19mm Large – 22mm Available in black (made from Delrin) or gunsmoke (anodised aluminium) with small, medium and large head sizes. 9mm stalk, easily built up with masking tape to fit any rod butt.

American Tackle black Delrin butt caps

Tough, black Delrin butt caps ideal for a variety of builds. Available with 3 head sizes and have a 9mm stalk, easy to build up with tape to fit all rods. 16,19 and 22mm head sizes  

American Tackle Vortex Air single leg guides

The fantastic Vortex Air guides in single leg configuration.

Duplon rear flare – short

A small duplon section, used to flare the handle under Japanese Shrink Rubber. Can be used for abbreviated or full shrink handles. Available in several bore sizes. Fit under shrink for this look:  

Duplon front flare

Eva foregrip flare. Short flares , 21.5mm long, made from high quality firm EVA. 12,14 or 16mm bore  

Full length duplon carp handle/EVA grip

  Superior quality full duplon handle sections that we use on our high end custom rods. Manufactured by American Tackle.  560mm long. 21.5O.D with slight flare at one end to 23.80mm Three bore sizes available: 13-14mm 14.5-15.5mm 16-17mm Can be reamed. Multibuy discounts available!    

Duplon front cone

A hard duplon collar, designed to fit in front of  DPS 18 reel seats and ALPs CAH 18 seats. Tapers down to meet a Uni Collar. 10mm long Available in 3 bore sizes – can be reamed for larger diameter blanks. An example of the cone in use below:

Reel seat rear trim – carbon fibre or Alps

  Collar to fit between back of reel seat and full cork or full duplon handle. Fits the rear of an American Tackle carbon seat or Alps 18mm seat. Gives a slick, well finished look. Available in black or gunsmoke finish. Stepped design to help centralise reel seat.  

American Tackle Delta guides and sets

American Tackle Delta guides – ideal for surf and offshore use! Snagless frame design Heavy gauge 316SS for improved frame strength Available in black or gunsmoke finish Super low price Available from 6 – 50mm Beach rod set consists of – 30-25-20-16-12-12-12-12-12tip Carp rod sets consist of  40-30-25-20-16-12-12tip or 50-40-25-20-16-16tip

Stainless steel Uni Collar

              20mm outside diameter with varying internal bore. Fits behind 18mm seats for a smooth transition to rod blanks, or can be used as a winding check or in front of grips.

Long rear flare

63mm long 22mm max OD Hard density duplon flare, for making shaped grips under shrink.

American Tackle CRSD 18 reel seats – DPS style

Size 18 Super tough DPS style reel seats – the best on the market. Tough, cushioned hoods with a dark graphite body. Ideal for carp, sea and spinning rods. Match up with our Delrin collars for the ultimate stealth build. Available with black or frosted gunsmoke hoods  

Reel seat rear trim – CRSD (DPS)

  Collar to fit between American Tackle CRSD (DPS) reel seat and a full cork or duplon handle. Gives a slick, well finished look. Stepped collar with front edge to fit inside reel seat.    

Carbon Fibre reel seats

High quality full 1k and 3k carbon fibre reel seats, manufactured by American Tackle. Matt finish bodies fitted with durable, high quality black hoods. Ideal for both new builds and rebuild, they add a touch of class to any rod. 16.5mm bore    

Pace Compact 10ft 3.5lb

Available now! Built to a fantastic specification with a sensible price tag, the Cotswold Rods Pace Compact rods are perfect for the angler looking for high performance with a small pack down size.   Our first release is the ultra versatile 10ft 3.5lb model. Available in 2 handle styles –  full duplon or full cork … Continue reading Pace Compact 10ft 3.5lb

American Tackle TiForged Guides – steel frame

Available now! The Ti – Forged snagless guides from American Tackle. Suitable  for beach, carp and as stripping guides on fly rods. We use these in lots of our builds here in the workshop. Steel frames, available with Duralite or Nanolite liners.  For carp rods our preferred pattern is 50 – 30 – 25 – … Continue reading American Tackle TiForged Guides – steel frame

Stealth cork trimmed front flares

Available in cork or duplon. Duplon 23mm long Cork 25mm long 15mm bore Fit perfect to our CRSD reel seats Trim with one of our Uni Collars for a smart build