Build Options

Some of our more popular handle build options: 

Full cork, fitted with stainless collars and DPS reel seatcork-1


Full cork, with black collars and black DPS reel seat


Full cork with Alps CAH Centralock reel seat

Full duplon, with black collars and black Fuji DPS reel seat


Full duplon with stainless collars and black DPS seat


Full duplon shown with front flare and black collars


Full duplon with stealth cork ends

(£5 surcharge each end – most customers go for front only)



Full duplon with straight cut front flare


Our new camouflage handles are now released!  Made from a high quality duplon with a slight flare at the rear, fitted with a front flare.


Full shrink handles, shown with small flare and stainless fittings


Full shrink with Alps CAH LX seats and stainless collars


Abbreviated shrink handles


Split cork grips


Stubby carbon grips


Winn grips


img_8694 img_8687

Reel seat options


 DPS seats 

Our standard option – fit all big pit reels, tough, light and look smart.

Gloss black


Due to demand we have had some custom matt black DPS seats manufactured – these look great and offer a real custom touch

New in, the CRSD M3K seats from American Tackle.
Lightweight aluminium body, finished in matt black, with matt black cushioned hoods. Matt finish 3k carbon internal spacer.

DPS soft touch reel seats – standard style seats coated with a ‘comfort’ rubberised finish.  These seats add £10 to standard build pricing.


DPS 1K carbon fibre seats. These can be fitted with gloss black, matt black or frosted gunsmoke hoods, all assembled in-house.  These seats add £20 to standard build pricing.

DPS carbon with matt black hoods – available in 1k or 3k – £25





Full carbon with fitted isotope   (+ £31.50 to standard build pricing)img_2233

Alps Waveform in black


Alps Waveform in black, shown with full cork handlesimg_8641

Alps Waveform in matt black

Alps Waveform in matt gunsmoke


Alps waveform in polished aluminium


Waveform seats add £51.50 to standard build pricing

Alps AWF reel seat – shown in matt black

The AWF seats add £50 to standard build pricing.

Alps CAH LX (window) seat in matt gunsmoke


Alps Cah LX (window seat) in matt black




Alps CAH LX (window) seat in black


Alps CAH LX (window) seat in black


Alps CAH LX (window) seats in polished aluminium


Window seats add £40 to standard build pricing

Alps CAH (Centralock) are smart and sleek. Double locking nuts provide ultimate reel stability and the sleek look works well with all build styles.

Alps CAH seats add £25 to standard build pricing

Matt gunsmoke


Alps CAH in matt black



Cotswold Profile seats (shown with black collars). Ergonomic shape, great on all rods. 20mm and 18mm sizing available. £10 surcharge per rod. Available with black or frosted gunsmoke hoods.

seats 1






Fuji DNPS seats (shown with black collars)

A classic seat, with elongated front hood. Comfortable and great on all rods.


DNPS seats in black









Guide Options.

Guide choice can alter the way a rod feels and performs. Our preference is always to opt for lightweight options to ensure maximum performance.

New American Tackle TiForged Air guides now available to order!

Lightweight, snagless frame design. Matt black finish and super durable!










The American Tackle Vortex air is one of our most popular options.


The Vortex Air Guides from American Tackle are by far our most popular guide option.  Showcasing a sleek, lightweight & durable design, the Vortex Airs guides are fast becoming an industry standard carp rod guide choice.

The Vortex Air guides posses an all metal construction, with swaged in liners, offering an almost unbreakable guide that is considerable lighter than almost all ceramic lined equivalents.

Available in sizes 50mm, 40mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm, 16mm, 12mm and 10mm, sets are finished with anti wrap Delta tip guides.



The American Tackle Ti-Forged Nanolite are our preference for ‘snagless’ style frame design with ceramic liners.

Sleek, forward facing design, fitted with super slick ‘Nanolite’ liners.

Extremely tough and available in steel or titanium frames. The steel frame models are considerably less expensive than the titanium.

Available in a tough black or bright polished finish.


For standard style guides – our preference is the Kigan 3D model.

Solid, dependable and light weight, these guides have a great track record.


Line clips

Line clips are optional and can be positioned in front of the reel seat or set higher up the blank, usually between 5-10 inches.

Made in-house by hand, each clip is carefully shaped to give line friendly edges. Whipped on with great care to ensure the perfect tension.




We are detailing experts. Custom whippings, decals and designs are our speciality. Here are some examples:

Simple Union Jack details:


IMG_8976Small Union Jacks with name added

IMG_0362Tri-colour metallic flag whipping, with name and Welsh dragon


Black and white Union Jack and name decal, trimmed with a single turn of lime green


Two tone blue whipping applied in front of carbon grips.


Double line metallic red detailing around hand written decals


Our clients company colours, green and white, paired with an personal dateinscription


Dual colour Torrix TE decals


Dual colour silver and bronze, a great match for the full cork handles


We can source flags for any country. Union Jacks here, inlaid to the forward facing butt ring whipping


A pair of Scope rods, re finished with blue decals and two-tone blue detailingimg_6765

Writing can be printed or applied by hand. We can print in hundreds of fonts and is our preferred method of decal application.


Thread colours

As standard, we whip all rings in black. you are welcome to add coloured detailing around the reel seat and grip areas at no extra cost on full custom rods, or £20 per rod on the Pace Compacts.

Detailing on every whipping will add £30 per rod.

Here are some colour examples:

colours1 colours2

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