Pace Compact


We have been working for a long time on a compact rod built to our own specification.

Having had so many requests to rebuild other compact rods already on the market, we knew that we could make our own, in a popular and durable build style, to rival any others. 

The compact rods feature a retractable butt section, enabling a smaller pack down size – 128cm for the 10ft models.

The short rod popularity over the last few years can not be ignored, they are popular for good reason.  Versatile and easy to store, the short rod revolution has well and truly taken hold.

Our Pace Compact is the result of using our build expertise and component knowledge to their full potential, crafting a responsive, durable rod capable of performing in the most demanding situations.

The Pace Compact rods feature an understated and durable matt black blank finish. Designed to be low glare and compliment the handle build, the matt black finish looks fantastic.

As standard, the rods are fitted with a full length slim duplon handle, with the Cotswold Rods signature accent of stealth cork to edge the front flare.

The duplon offers great grip, both for casting and when tucked under the arm whilst fish playing.

The front flare offers a comfortable and ergonomic grip.

We also have full cork  models available in the 3.5lb version.


We have built the handles at the optimum length.  This ensures comfort and improved casting.

We have used a black American tackle CRSD 18mm reel seat – the perfect size to fit all popular modern carp reels.

Guide choice for the Pace Compact was easy – we use a 40mm Vortex Air set.

The guides have a tough, black finish, and as they feature no ceramic inserts, are very light and extremely tough!

In front of the reel seat, we have fitted a carbon line clip, whipped on the right hand side.

The whippings in front of the reel seat area are inlaid with two turns of dark olive thread, to add a small touch of detail and set these apart from the rest.

The Pace Compact rods start from just £134.99.

As well as the main fishing rods, we have also designed a matching spod and marker rod – designed to offer premium performance in the smallest pack down size possible.

At 10ft 4.5lb, it casts baiting tools well and can also be used as a heavy duty fishing rod.

Matching luggage is also available, we stock the excellent models from Cult Tackle.

We can also craft the Pace Compact rods to your custom requirements, if you prefer something a little different to our standard build!

You can find options in our shop, or email us for more information.



Pace Compacts can be purchased here – Pace Compact

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