Harrison Rods


The Harrison range of rods is exceptional and we have a detailed knowledge of all models. All Harrison blanks are rolled here in the UK from premium materials.

We have most of the carp fishing models available for demonstration if you would like to visit us and try them out.

Below is some information on the most popular models.


The benchmark for todays high end carp rods, the Torrix range is exceptional.  High performance blanks that excel when pushed to their limits.  Semi fast action that suits a wide variety of fishing methods, the Torrix have been a best seller for many years.

10ft 2.75lb – 10ft 3.25lb from £260

11ft 3.25lb – from £270

12ft 2.75lb  –  3lb  –  3.25lb  –  3.5lb from £285

12’6 TE model from £305

13ft 3lb – 3.25lb – 3.5lb from £315



A dedicated rod for accurate medium range fishing. Super slim, smooth and responsive.

Available in four models:

12′ 2.5lb  –  12′ 2.75lb  –  12′ 3lb  – 12’6 3.5lb –

Prices from £285


The newest models from Harrison. 

Slightly slimmer than the Torrix range, with a woven finish to the tip. 

Three models are available in the Aviator range, the Flex, the Plus and the Plus 13′.

Aviator Flex from £329.00

Aviator Plus from £329.00

Aviator Plus 13′ from £349.00


Trebuchet and Trebuchet Light

Harrisons premier distance fishing rods, with a fantastic ability to turn a good caster into a great one.

Easy to use, with a surprisingly soft tip.  The ‘go to’ rod for consistent distance fishing.

The standard Trebuchet has a slightly stiffer butt section.

Trebuchet Light 13′ from £350

Trebuchet 13′ from £360


A multi purpose rod that punches well above its pricetag.

A great all round rod, slightly smoother action than the Torrix range. Great from the margins to 110 yards. One of the best value for money rods on the market.

Cerbera 12ft 3lb from £240

Cerbera 12ft 3.25lb from £250 


We also have all models not listed still available, including all specialist rods, the Ballista range, spod/markers rods and fly rods.

Best custom fishing rod builders and rod building component supplier in the UK. Carp, fly, lure and sea.