The SPECTRA range

Coming very soon, the new range of high performance, hand build rods from the experts here at Cotswold Rods.

Models include

10ft 3lb COMPACT

10ft 3.5lb COMPACT

10ft 3.5lb

12ft 3.25lb

12ft 3.5lb

12’6 3.5lb


All models are finished with a full tip to butt 1k woven carbon fibre.

The most refined model in our range, the Spectra mixes the best features from our long standing R1 models with the freshest mix of technology and materials, creating a rod that is light, progressive and perfect for big carp fishing.

We have spent a long time perfecting the Spectra range,  ensuring it ticks all the boxes required and outclasses every other rod at an equivalent price point.

This is our flagship rod in terms of specification. Fully woven with 1k carbon cloth right to the tip, a multi layer material core for optimum action, the Spectra boasts all the trimmings in terms of performance and looks.

The Spectra is a perfect choice for a ‘take anywhere’ rod, it will do it all.

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