American Tackle Atrex Carp rod blanks


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American Tackle Atrex carp blanks, available now in the UK from Cotswold Rods.

Introducing the American Tackle Atrex Carp Rod Blanks – Precision Craftsmanship for the Dedicated Angler!

Experience the next level of angling with our Atrex Carp Rod Blanks, meticulously designed and engineered by American Tackle.

These blanks are the epitome of precision craftsmanship, ideal for carp fishing enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.

Key Features:

1. Superior Construction: The Atrex Carp Rod Blanks are expertly crafted from high-quality materials to ensure strength and durability, handling even the toughest carp with ease.

2. Sensitivity and Power: Achieve unparalleled sensitivity and remarkable power with these blanks.

3. Versatile Design: Designed to accommodate a range of angling styles, these blanks offer versatility in your fishing approach. Whether you prefer finesse or power, the Atrex Carp Rod Blanks have you covered.

4. Exceptional Performance: Expect outstanding casting performance and control, allowing you to reach your desired fishing spots with precision and accuracy.

5. Aesthetic Appeal: The Atrex blanks are not only high performers but also aesthetically pleasing, featuring a sleek and modern design that stands out. A full 1k finish on all Atrex models gives a luxurious and durable finish.

6. American Tackle Quality: Backed by the renowned American Tackle name, these rod blanks come with a reputation for quality and excellence that anglers trust.

Whether you’re a seasoned carp angler or just starting out, the American Tackle Atrex Carp Rod Blanks will elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

Dive into the world of premium angling and equip yourself with the best – choose Atrex Carp Rod Blanks for your new rods with confidence.

Designed and engineered for the European carp market, they combine great action with high power to weight ratios.

Super smooth, 1k woven finish right to the tip, they look great and are a dream to work on for the rod builder.

We recommend coupling with American Tackle Vortex Air or TiForged Air guides for a lightweight and durable build.

Available in the following models:

10ft 2,75lb

10ft 3.5lb

10ft Spod (4.5lb – makes a great Catfish and heavy duty carp rod too!)

12ft 2.5lb

12ft 3.5lb

12ft 3.75lb

12’6 3.5lb

13ft 3.5lb

13ft 3.75lb

12ft Spod



More models to follow soon.

Additional information

Atrex blank model

12ft 3.5lb Burgundy, 10ft 2.75lb, 10ft 3.5lb, 10ft spod, 12ft 2.5lb, 13ft 3.75lb, 12ft spod, 12ft 3.5lb, 12ft 3.75lb, 12'6 3.5lb, 13ft 3.5lb