CRB SSR guides – Gunsmoke Single Leg


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SSR Guides by CRB

Combining affordability and value with the utmost strength and durability, the SSR Guides by CRB are engineered with stainless steel frames and a double swaged stainless steel insert rings for virtually impact proof performance.

The minimal design of the SSR Guides creates a lighter overall guide train with thinner rings that produce a larger opening to easily pass leader knots and swivels without damaging fishing line, braid, or the SSR ring itself.

These guides have a  sleek PVD gunsmoke finish which is extremely durable and looks fantastic.

The stainless steel ring of the SSR Guide creates a thinner insert ring with a larger opening that eliminates friction while casting and retrieving fishing line or braid. Featuring a double swaged design, the SSR ring is sealed into the frame with impenetrable strength and security for the ultimate ring retention and durability.


  • CRB SSR Stainless Steel Single Foot Guides
  • Double-swaged insert is sealed into the frame for durability
  • Minimal design reduces overall rod weight
  • Ring Sizes: 8 – 30

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SSR guide options

10MM SL, 12MM SL, 16MM SL, 20MM SL, 25MM SL, 8MM SL