Full Duplon handle kit




Kits consists of

1 x full length duplon 

1 x American Tackle  reel seat of choice

1 x front duplon section

1 x winding  check

1 x rear collar

1 x butt cap


Small – 13-14mm full duplon section, with 12mm ID front duplon, 13mm uni collar and 15mm rear collar.

Medium – 14.5 -15.5mm full duplon section, with 14mm ID front duplon section, 15mm winding check and 16mm rear collar.

Large – 16-17mm full duplon section, with 16mm ID front duplon section, 16mm winding check and 17mm rear collar.

Choose either coned or flares feont duplon:

Then finish with either a flat or coned butt cap.

Reel seat upgrades also available.