NiteGlow butt caps


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High quality butt caps, with a machined 12x2mm slot, primed and filled with NiteGlow resin.

The resin gives a soft glow from sunlight, or can be ‘charged’ with a uv torch for a temporary brighter finish.

Available in two colour, black or gunsmoke and available with small, medium or large head size.

UV torches are available from CustomDS here-


Insert is 9mm, build up with tape to fit larger diameter rod butts.

Glue in with two part epoxy resin, such as ProGlu-5.

To fit, carefully remove your old butt caps.

Clean out the inside of the blank and remove all old traces of adhesive.

Tape up the insert of the new caps to fit, using 12mm masking tape.

Mix epoxy, and insert some into the rod blank.

Push in new caps and twist to even spread epoxy.

Align to required position, then tape in place until epoxy has set.

Fitting by a professional is always recommended.

Additional information

cap size

large, medium, small

Cap colour

black, gunsmoke