CRB blank extension tool


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The CRB Blank Extension Tool is a must have for any rod builder who works on multi-piece rods because it solves the most common problems.

For example, ferrule wraps used to be a pain, but not with the CRB Blank Extension Tool.

All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect trim wraps every time.

These tools give an easy and clean way to apply epoxy right to the ends of your wraps.

The CRB Blank Extension Tool fits perfectly in any of the CRB RDS Drying systems, making it simple to dry individual sections of a multi-piece rod.

The CRB Blank Extension Tool’s tapered design will easily accommodate most light – med weight rod blanks.

This is the type of tool that every rod builder will find useful.