CRB PRO Hand and Tool rest


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The CRB Pro Hand and Tool Rest has been meticulously designed and tested to provide rod builders a secure rest throughout the rod building process. From providing a safe rest while turning custom handles to helping steady your hand for clean finish lines, this is an indispensable tool for rod builders with power wrappers.

Adding to the impressive CRB PRO line up, this Hand and Tool rest is engineered exclusively for the RBS Track (Aluminum Base Station).

It features locking T-Bolts with spring loaded tension knobs to allow for quick relocation while on the track and large range of vertical and pivot adjustment to line up any job. The base of the rest is aircraft grade aluminium with a bonded rubber bottom to provide a non-slip grip that won’t scratch your RBS Track.

  • Compatible with CRB’s RBS lathes – integrates directly with the RBS aluminium base track.
  • Adjustable in height and distance from lathe centre to facilitate turning a wide variety of grip outside diameters.
  • A steady rest for trimming cork and EVA grips to length. Simply brace a razor knife on the top of the rest and rotate the lathe at medium speed.